Recent Trends in Organic Fertilizer Use in Belize

A Review


  • Gerardo Aldana University of Belize
  • Amsi Moralez University of Belize
  • Miranda Selvin University of Belize


organic, fertilizers, smallholder farmers, agricultural systems, environmentally friendly


With the increasing prices of commercial fertilizers, smallholder Belizean farmers are finding it challenging to produce crop yields, enabling them to meet the country’s food demand. In order to meet the country’s food demands, alternative plant nutrition sources need to be obtained. The purpose of this review is to investigate the trends of organic fertilizers usage in Belize and their benefits. There are several methods for producing organic fertilizers – these include animal manure, food residue wastes, crop residue, vermicomposting, bocashi and biochar. Organic fertilizers are known to be environmentally friendly and cost effective for agricultural production. They can improve soil health and sequester carbon therefore helping to reduce climate change. Organic fertilizers and soil amendments like manure and biochar tend to be more promising. Several activities with regards to the application of organic fertilizers have been recorded in Belize. Organic fertilizers show to be an excellent choice for agricultural systems of Belize.






Health, Natural Sciences, and Technology