About the Journal

Journal of Belizean Research (JOBR) is a peer reviewed journal publishing research conducted in or about Belize that make original contributions towards the development of the country. JOBR welcomes papers from across all academic fields with journal sections dedicated to

a.) Health, Natural Sciences, and Technology

b.) Management and Social Science

c.) Education and Humanities

JOBR is associated with and published by the University of Belize as a means for the university to deliver on its mission of being an “... institution committed to excellence in higher education, research and service for national development.” To accomplish its research commitment the University of Belize employs JOBR to register, disseminate, certify and archive research papers that advance national development.

JOBR serves as a mechanism for University of Belize faculty and students to publish academic research nationally. It also encourages faculty and students from all national tertiary level institutions and research agencies in Belize to publish research nationally. Qualified international organizations conducting research contributing to the national development of Belize with interest in publishing nationally are also welcome to submit papers to the journal.