Special Issue Call for Papers JOBR Vol. 2. Issue 2. Building Transnational Networks to Strengthen Economic, Social, and Ecological Resilience to Climate Change


Special Issue Call for Papers


Building Transnational Networks to Strengthen Economic, Social, and Ecological Resilience to Climate Change



Climate change is a pressing global concern, and Belize, located in a vulnerable region, faces its unique challenges and opportunities in the battle against climate change. To address this issue, the Journal of Belizean Research invites researchers, academics, and practitioners to contribute to a special issue dedicated to "Building Transnational Networks to Strengthen Economic, Social, and Ecological

Resilience to Climate Change." This special issue aims to explore the role of technology and transnational collaborations in advancing Belize's response to climate change.



We invite papers that address, but are not limited to, the following themes:


Transnational Collaboration: Share insights on successful transnational initiatives that enhance resilience to climate change in Belize and other regions.


Technological Solutions: Explore the application of Information Technology, data analytics, and emerging technologies in climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Economic Resilience: Analyze economic strategies and innovative financial mechanisms to bolster Belize's economy in the face of climate change.


Social and Community Resilience: Examine the role of local communities and their involvement in climate resilience, including social and cultural dimensions.


Ecological Resilience: Investigate efforts to protect and restore Belize's unique ecosystems in the context of climate change.


Submission Guidelines:

Authors are encouraged to submit original research articles, reviews, case studies, and perspectives related to the special issue theme. Please adhere to the Journal of Belizean Research's guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission. Submissions can be made at:



Important Dates:

Updated Submission Deadline: March 5, 2024

Notification of Acceptance: April 15, 2024

Publication of Special Issue: April 30, 2024 



Submission Procedure:

Manuscripts should be submitted through the journal's online submission system. When submitting, please select "Special Issue: Building Transnational Networks" as the manuscript type. https://jobr.ub.edu.bz


For Queries and More Information:

For inquiries and additional details, please contact the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Belizean Research Dr. Dion Daniels at [email protected].


Opinions and Suggestions:

This special issue can play a crucial role in advancing the discourse on climate resilience in Belize. To enhance your proposal, consider including an introductory section that provides context about the current climate challenges facing Belize and the importance of building transnational networks. Additionally, mentioning the potential impact of this special issue on Belize's development and climate adaptation efforts can make your proposal more compelling.


Furthermore, you might want to engage potential contributors by highlighting the benefits of publishing in this special issue, such as the opportunity to share their research with a wider audience and contribute to Belize's climate resilience efforts. This can be a persuasive factor for authors considering submitting their work.


Editor in Chief 


Prof. Thippi Thiagarajan

Biology Professor

Department of Science

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Belize

Section Editor - Health, Natural Sciences and Technology

Dion D. Daniels, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Science Department

Faculty of Science & Technology

University of Belize

Section Editor - Education and Humanities

Mathias R. Vairez Jr., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Education & Arts

University of Belize

Section Editor - Management and Social Sciences